Does anyone actually use all these memory presets?

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Does anyone actually use all these memory presets?

Post by PXR-5 »

My first radio with memories was my DX-440, I think it may have 90 available presets.
In over 30 years I have never used any.

My Tecsun may have like 7000!!! Wow, that's amazing, but again I still can't fathom using even 1% of them.

So just wondering if others use them and do you have them set up any specific way?

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Re: Does anyone actually use all these memory presets?

Post by Rob-W4ZNG »

On my CCrane Skywave, I use a few of them all the time, mostly for common nighttime AM DX stations and local FM, and a handful for SW as well. But it's just on the first "page," and so it's no more than 10 per band. Just the basics, like how to find Coast to Coast AM in the dark when I can't get to sleep at 3am.

On my Tecsun PL-660? Forget it, I just dial around. I used them for a while, but stations shift and come & go, manuals get lost, etc.
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Re: Does anyone actually use all these memory presets?

Post by k4pkm »

Haha! Great question. Not really. A few. But even if you do use them, especially for Shortwave stations, you have to duplicate many for the schedule changes which happen seasonally. More often than not I tend to use to either see what's on or to search for something. I also keep a spreadsheet list of favorites for hard to find or hard to remember stations.
I keep meaning to start using a SW logging program I discovered a while back, but haven't made the transition yet. For those interested in the program, it is called KB6IBB SWL Logger, available from Sourceforge for Windows and Mac (and I believe there is a Linux beta also).
It looks quite interesting, but I've no experience with it yet. You definitely need to read the installation instructions, though! They will save you some time and headaches (ask me how I know!). Cheers!
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