Capacitor type & LED recommendation

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Capacitor type & LED recommendation

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I'm cleaning up a Sony ICF-6700W I purchased a while ago, and am getting ready to order some parts. I have 2 questions:

1) The parts list labels C85 on the control board as an electrolytic, but it clearly isn't a conventional one. Is it a tantulum? Either way, I assume it's fine to leave in place as it doesn't appear to contain electrolyte.
C85 - unknown type.jpg
C85 - unknown type.jpg (21.17 KiB) Viewed 40069 times
2) Any recommendations on LEDs to replace the incandescent bulbs? I don't have any on hand, and am reluctant to order several just to find one that looks good (color, light throw).

Actually, I'd like to replace the very dim bulbs in my RF-2200 as well, so LED recommendations for that radio are also welcome.

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