USAF HF-GCS transmission 15.016Mhz

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USAF HF-GCS transmission 15.016Mhz

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I was listening to 15.000mhz after hearing about using WWV to manually adjust your clock time. I noticed on the waterfall an adjacent signal that looked like voice and what do you know... I was very curious at first about what I had stumbled on and of course after a quick google search found this to be HFGCS (High Frequency Global Communications System) used by the US Airforce. Some quick info on the signal can be found here: ... ns_System)

And of course SWLing posted on this back in 2015 here: ... n-morocco/

Feel free to post additional info on the signal. I honestly was surprised it was still in use today.

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Re: USAF HF-GCS transmission 15.016Mhz

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I love these sorts of transmissions. They remind us that shortwave is still an important communications line for militaries, governments, and agencies across the globe. When listening to them, I feel like I'm privy to secret intel. Of course I'm not, but it appeals to my inner young SWL self. :)

Thank you for sharing this. A great find!
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Re: USAF HF-GCS transmission 15.016Mhz

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last week heard on HFGCS 11.175 usb switch to 11.059 usb to initiate your phone patch. New one for me. After some research came back to an old Mystic Star channel.
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