Balcony antenna

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Balcony antenna

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Here's an antenna for the apartment dwellers, all one needs to install it is a balcony, the antenna is shown here


as you can see it's a loop, the antenna is made using thin insulated wire (1.5mm / AWG #14), at the center of the bottom side there's a small waterproof junction box hosting a NooElec 9:1 BalUn which then is connected to the coax going to the receiver, at the center of the top side there's a 1.5 KOhm resistor, the latter allows to flatten the impedance curve so allowing the antenna to offer a good match from a few KHz up to several MHz (at least up to VHF), the wire is suspended using some thin ropes or nylon tiers and, choosing a "neutral" color, the antenna will become almost invisible

Sure, it's not the best antenna in the world, but it may be a good alternative to an indoor antenna

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