The LoG (Loop on Ground), a take from N6LF

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Andrew (grayhat)
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The LoG (Loop on Ground), a take from N6LF

Post by Andrew (grayhat) »

Let me start with a link to the original antenna design, just to put things in perspective

now, having built and tried several of them I find those antenna pretty good in case one lives in a QRM affected area, one may not believe it at first or even think that the antenna is "deaf" since he doesn't hear the "usual noise2, that isn't the case at all, and it's easy to find it just by tuning around :D

Anyhow, while ferreting around on the 'net I stumbled upon a document from Rudy Severn (N6LF) dealing with this antenna ... ennas.html

and considering it interesting, I thought to post the links here, just read on to find out what Rudy thinks of the LoG :D
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Re: The LoG (Loop on Ground), a take from N6LF

Post by 13dka »

Pretty interesting indeed! Looks like he's really getting a lot out of it by raising the Q on his target frequency. Made me think if this would be something to consider for our smaller versions for SW but then I thought the whole purpose of the exercise is minimizing the losses and that's what a preamp would do without the hassle of (re)- tuning components all the time, at very little cost in form of noise and of course the hassle of setting up a preamp and Bias-T. OTOH, a preamp that can handle an 18m circumference loop may cost more than the 30 bucks for a LANA HF so some passive tuning circuitry still might be something to consider.
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