Loggings for week 30 May to 4 June

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Loggings for week 30 May to 4 June

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When I first starting SWLing back in the late 1960s, the spectrum was of course quite different than it is today. I got back into things last year with purchase of a Grundig Satellit 750 which I picked up for Can$125 (US$99/ Aus$140/ €93/ £79) at local pawn shop. The challenges are there but the rewards are that when I started I was living on the east coast of North America. Now that I live on the west coast, I am enjoying trans-pacific DX. So here's what I've logged in a week. QTH is Hope BC Canada -- 150 km east of the city of Vancouver

All 30 May loggings except SW Radiogram done outside about 7 km out of town using Eton Elite Field and built in whip
All Other loggings and the 30 May SW Radiogram logging done at home in town using Grundig Satellit 750 using a Par EndFedz EF-SWL

5850 USA WRMI 0800 to 0830 UTC 30 May SW Radiogram 257 Very noisy signal. Only 1 image in MFSK32 decoded SINPO 33222

5980 R New Zealand International 1259 UTC 1 June sign on with I/S and ID 1300 (possibly) News read by male announcer. Much worse signal that 7245 SINPO 23222

6030 CANADA CFVP Calgary Alberta 1906 UTC 30 May 100 watt relay of 1060 MW CKMX (Funny 1060) - stand-up comedy Jeff Foxworthy, station ID, Drew Carey. SINPO 34344 Definite ID

7245 R New Zealand International 1150 UTC 1 June Back to back music. 1200 News read by a female announcer 1215 talk with American about police in the USA. 1227 ID as RNZ Pacific and 'we now join R Australia's Wantok programme'. sign off at 1258 with announcement of switch to 5980 SINPO 44444 solid

7505 WRNO 0205 UTC 1 June English language man giving fiery sermon about the coming of Jesus, Noisy but understandable SINPO 34333

9265 WINB 0230 UTC 4 June SW Radiogram Signal good enough to capture all text and 6 out 9 image (1 out or 1 MFSK32 and 5 out of 8 MFSK64) SINPO 44444 at beginning dropping to 34333 in middle and then rising to 44444 at end

9330 WBCQ 2315 to 2330 UTC 31 May Man giving Christian religious talk in English about sacrifices "Worlds Last Chance" Good signal with deep fades SINPO 44344

9580 KNLS Anchor Point AK 1645 to 1655 31 May in Russian Good signal - talk in Russian song "Don't Get Me Wrong" by the Pretenders at 1648. SINPO 444449975 KVOH 0010 UTC 1 June Spanish language speaker followed by ranchera music Good steady signal SINPO 44444

11625 NHK Radio Japan (Yamata) 1923 UTC 30 May Noisy fading signal in Japanese SINPO 34333 Presumed ID based on schedule listings

11685 BBCWS (Kranji) 1345 to 1359 UTC 31 May sign-off Newshour fair signal with fades SINPO 33333

11815 NHK Radio Japan (Yamata) 1415 to 1430 UTC 31 May Good signal "Hometown Stories - stories about life" in English SINPO 44444 CRI is also on 11815 as checked via an SDR in Hawaii, but that is not making it to us. ID at 1429

11950 Radio Habana Cuba 2330 UTC 31 May Discussion between man and woman Fairly strong signal with some fading. At 2345 a discussion about technology in Cuba started after a show intro using what sounded like a marimba. SINPO 4434411760 Radio Habana Cuba 2350 UTC music programme (La Trova Cubana) with female announcer in Spanish and then male singer on guitar. Worse signal than transmission on 11950. This is a different programme stream Station ID at 2357 SINPO 33333

11950 Radio Habana Cuba 0005 UTC 1 June News in English with female news reader --signal better than the previous Spanish language that preceded it. News ended at 0007 then at 0008 it abruptly left the air! SINPO 54344

11976 R România International (Galbeni-bacau) 1921 UTC 30 May Noisy but steady signal in Romanian SINPO 34333Presumed ID based on schedule listings

12025 China Radio International (Urumqi Hutubi) 1400 to 1415 UTC 31 May poor signal but I could determine that it was Chinese talk SINPO 23333

12025 BBCWS (Kranji) 1457 UTC 31 May sign-on with interval signal followed by news. This usually follows an abrupt sign off by CRI who had totally faded away by then. SINPO 44444 Most days This stays strong and steady until sign-off at 1900 UTC.

12045 VOA (Udon Thani) 1445 UTC 1 June in Korean man speaking. at 1449 switch to woman speaking over music with definite mention of VOA website. 1451 male announcer and 1453 what sounded like news headlines. Abrupt sign off at 1459 Very strong signal SINPO 44444

12095 BBC Korean (Kranji) 1735 UTC 31 May Presumed news with with BBC stinger at 1737 followed by English language lesson about use of the term professional  SINPO 54544

13700 Radio Habana Cuba 1425 UTC 1 June in Spanish -- Music programme with male announcer SINPO 33333

13740 R France International (Issoudon) French 1912 UTC 30 May Slow fading. Female announver followed by music.  SINPO 33333 Presumed ID based on schedule listings

15520 R Exterior de España (Noblejas) 1916 UTC 30 May Fluttering signal, noisy but understandable talk in spanish SINPO 34344 Presumed ID based on schedule listings

15245 CRI 1500 UTC 1 June with CGTN news in English. Stories about COVID. 1505 "Welcome to the Bridge" a conversation show presented by young man and woman Very strong signal SINPO 44444

15590 CRI 1400 UTC 3 June with CGTN news in English. Stories about Meeting of Chinese foreign minister and something about a bus crash, WHO report on COVID deaths ins Africa. 1405 "The Roundtable" a conversation show presented by young man and woman Fair signal with fading SINPO 344344 June 2022

15660 VOA Amharic (Wooferton) 1806 UTC 1 June Presumed news. Sung "Voice of America" jingle at 1813  SINPO 33333 worsening to 22222 as time passed

17720 Adventist World Radio (Nauen) presumed based on schedules 1735 UTC 1 June Religious talk (heard mention of Jesus) by male. Language is listed as Oromo. Mostly poor signal that occasionally rose up to a 3 from a 2. SINPO 22222

Tony Pavick

Hope BC Canada
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