What does your listening post look like?

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Re: What does your listening post look like?

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I love your setup. It all looks very cool, 73 es best DX de N3BE
listening since '62.
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Re: What does your listening post look like?

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Omega-TI wrote: Tue Jan 23, 2024 5:04 pm My listening post doesn't have a lot of high priced gear. The monitor on the left controls an inexpensive RTL-SDR.BLOG V3 dongle while the monitor on the right controls an Airspy RSP1A. The little monitor on the bottom is the control head for a Uniden SDS100 that is dedicated to local 24/7 P25 monitoring. Still, even though it's low-end, I think it looks cool in the dark! :D


what about your antenna system ?.
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Re: What does your listening post look like?

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The antenna system is still a work in progress. I'm currently using the lame little dipole that came with the RTL-SDR for the RSP1 and a vertical for vhf/uhf on the RTL-SDR. I'm guessing you asked that question before you saw my other thread message in which you helped me quite a bit.

I'm also taking your advice and starting to order parts now... along with a very long drill bit so when the time comes, I'll be ready to hit the minor league. With the HOA's I'll never have major league antenna system.
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