Matching an external antenna to the Belka-DX?

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Re: Matching an external antenna to the Belka-DX?

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Dave613 wrote: Mon Jun 13, 2022 11:48 pm I have used a Belka DX outdoors and recently compared the supplied telescopic with a 75 foot circumference loop on ground. My tests have not been rigorous or extensive but it was immediately apparent that there was a clear advantage to the LOG in SNR. It was enough that on a weak signal it could make the difference between copy/not copy.
Like I wrote here back then:
BTW, a LOG is a great outdoor DX companion for the Belka: The antenna can be packed small and put down quickly with the least imaginable amount of hassle (dropping stuff on the ground in an educated way), the receiver is just another tiny box and all can still be brought to a place in your coat pockets. Due to its bidirectional pattern and reduced susceptibility to QRN it likely beats any wire you’d have to hurl up a tree, particularly when there’s no tree around.
Like you, I haven't tried the passive LoG extensively with the Belka but the results with its active sibling were nothing short of spectacular. The preamp likely solves all matching problems if there were any (the LoG is pretty wideband anyway I think).
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